A comfortable home terrace model will certainly make guests and homeowners feel comfortable. Minimalist home terrace can be a mainstay of the current model, because it gives a modern but still simple impression. Even though it is outside the building, the terrace of the house is one of the most important parts in determining the beauty of a dwelling. Of course, each design has a unique and different impression. If you have a large enough land, this minimalist terrace with an open concept can be an interesting reference. The following are some minimalist home terrace design ideas that you can make to change the atmosphere of your terrace:

Terrace Feels Summer

A terrace with a summer feel, you can add furniture with bright colors like yellow and blue. You can add glass properties with colorful colors. Outdoor furniture should still be placed in the shade. You can use a large shady tree, a large umbrella, or a canopy as an alternative. So that your favorite furniture remains durable because it is not directly exposed to rain or hot sun.

Horizontal Trellis Minimalist Terrace Design

The most striking detail is the horizontal trellis that surrounds the terrace of a minimalist house that functions as a fence. The effect of using a trellis as a fence can present a wider view outside the house. Although it looks simple, but its size is quite spacious with a combination of a small fish pond beside it makes this terrace look more modern and luxurious. The combination of trellis with fish pond is also very suitable with coffee table furniture.

Industrial Minimalist House Design

The combination of minimalist and industrial buildings can be seen clearly in this building. This can be seen from the use of used wood on the floor and chairs on the terrace. Likewise, the side walls are allowed to use the original cement color without being repainted.

Elongated Minimalist Terrace Design

The use of elongated wooden benches on the terrace with wooden floors seems to be a very comfortable place. Coupled with the ceiling that is made just above the bench and table, complete with a chandelier. As a sweetener, ornamental plants in front of the table can look so perfect.

Beautiful Minimalist Home Terrace Design Ideas