Hiring HOA management services in Flagstaff? Don’t miss these red flags!

Hiring HOA management services in Flagstaff? Don’t miss these red flags!

Congratulations! Your community in Flagstaff has decided to outsource work to a professional firm. While this is an excellent step in the right direction, it is also pertinent that the board chooses the right flagstaff hoa management for the job. Every industry has a few bad apples, and if you are looking for expertise, here are some red flags to be wary about. 

#1 – The firm doesn’t have enough clients

If an HOA management firm claims to be among the best in Flagstaff or Arizona, it must have a considerable number of clients. If the company doesn’t want to share references or discuss their clientele, it is certainly a red flag. 

#2 – The firm doesn’t submit a proposal 

The best way to hire a management firm for your community is to ask for proposals based on your requirements and current hurdles. The proposal should outline how the firm intends to resolve existing problems and its approach to the tasks to be assigned. If you ask a company for a proposal but it fails to do so, do not hire them. 

#3 – The firm doesn’t want to talk about their work profile 

What type of work does the company do for other HOAs? Do they have clients in your area? Do they have the bandwidth to accommodate a new client? What are their areas of expertise? Do they have an in-house team of trained and qualified managers? These are some basic questions that a company is expected to answer, and if they don’t, you know what to do next. 

#4 – The firm doesn’t rely on tech

A considerable part of HOA work is done online and through apps and software solutions. If a company is still doing most of their work manually, it is clearly not a positive sign. The right firm should bring transparency and professionalism to the table, and that should include the use of available technology. Avoid any company that doesn’t have clear answers. 

#5 – The firm doesn’t have a ready list of contacts

One of the key reasons to hire an HOA management company is to avail their resources. The company should have a list of local vendors, reliable contractors, and other professionals, who should be accessible as required. If you are new to outsourcing, ask the firm if they have a ready list of contacts. 

Also, if the company specializes in handling HOA legal matters, that’s always an added advantage.