Arranging flowers on a simple terrace requires skill and precision. This is because a simple home page is usually small, and the terrace is not too wide. This is not a barrier to still being able to have a beautiful page. There are several ways to arrange flowers on a simple terrace to make it neat. Some of these ways can beautify the front porch of the house with the flower plants you want. Here are some ways to arrange flowers on the terrace of the house to make it neat:

Don’t Place Flower Pots on the Terrace Floor

Do not place too many flower pots on the terrace floor. Because if the terrace land is limited, placing the pot directly on the floor will consume the land quickly. Moreover, flower pots usually have various shapes and sizes, so if they are placed directly on the floor it will usually make it look less tidy. You need additional tools for the placement of this flower pot. We recommend that you only place a large flower pot on the terrace floor.

Using Plant Racks

Shelves are a tool that will always be an option for arranging various types of items, including for arranging plants. Plant racks can optimize plant arrangements compared to directly placing them on the terrace floor. You can use more than 1 plant rack, according to the needs and size of your terrace. Be sure to arrange the pots on the shelves taking into account their size and type.

Take advantage of the front wall of the house

You can use the concept of a minimalist garden design in front of a vertical garden house. This arrangement technique makes plants arranged vertically. In order to arrange ornamental plants with this technique, additional tools are needed. The tool is usually a wall wire to be a place for plants to be attached. You must attach the vertical garden to the empty wall on the terrace of the house. Next, you just have to arrange the plants vertically according to the aesthetics you want.

Hanging Plants

If you want to have lots of plants and don’t allow them to be placed on the floor, then you can use hanging ornamental plants. A simple home terrace has a small size, so by hanging flower plants, your front porch garden will look more spacious and neat. Hanging techniques in arranging flowers in front of this house vary. You can directly use the hanging rope and attach it to the retaining pole on the ceiling of the terrace. Don’t let it stop you from doing your activities at home.

Using Uniform Pots

Pay attention to the type of pot that will be used on your plants. Plant pots come in many sizes and types. If your patio area is narrow, then using a uniform pot will make your plant arrangement much neater. Pots of the same size and the same color, make plants more pleasing to the eye

Arrange Plants According to the Needs of Sunlight

You also need to pay attention to the direction of the lighting in your home. Pay attention to which direction the sun enters your patio. This should be a concern when arranging plants later, because each plant has a different need for sunlight. Sort some plants according to the needs of sunlight. If you use a shelf in arranging flowers in your yard, then place it on the top shelf of flower plants that have the highest sunlight needs. And place it on the bottom shelf for flower plants that don’t really need sunlight.

How to Arrange Flowers on a Simple Home Terrace to be Neat