Buying a new home, not many people can do it. Apart from the price, buying a house must also consider many things, such as needs and supporting financial conditions. Other considerations start from the size of the house. Up to the location of the house and the facilities in the house and the costs needed to get the house. However, if the need to have a new home of your own cannot be ignored, of course it must be supported with sufficient finance.

Currently, many housing developers offer various models of houses with modern residential concepts. In addition to offering concepts, housing developers also offer an easy way to buy a house, including ease of payment. So it is not too difficult, because there are many conveniences offered. Here’s how to get big discounts when buying a new home:

Get a Trusted Developer

Determining the dream house, of course, must be built by a trusted party. So you can avoid disappointment in the future. Almost every housing developer will open the door to negotiating housing prices. After getting a house that matches what you want and see the reputation of the developer.

Understanding Market Conditions

Market conditions are very important to understand, because they can be a good opportunity. Including buying a house at a cheaper price than usual. Like in the middle of this pandemic, property buyers are quiet. So many developers do various ways, so that the property can be sold. Among them by providing attractive promos for potential buyers.

Finding the Right Time and Offer

The time is right, it could be good luck for potential new home buyers. However, the momentum must be seen at that time. Be diligent in viewing and visiting property exhibitions, to gain the trust of developers and dream homes can be found. Usually when a property exhibition takes place, it is also the time to launch a new property product. The developer without being asked will give a promo by giving a discount price, for purchases at a certain time. If the housing unit is suitable according to your needs and tastes. Make a request for a discount offer that is greater than the original price discount offer. As long as the demand is not excessive, usually the offer will be granted.

Show Seriousness

Seriousness becomes important in lobbying, including in lobbying to buy a new house. Because by showing seriousness or not playing games or even playing games, the lobby will be more responsive. Shows the seriousness of the demand for house price reductions, sometimes difficult to get approval. Moreover, the asking price is very far from the price offered.

Give Advance For Discount

After showing interest and seriousness verbally. Now is the time to show real seriousness, by offering a down payment. If the lobby finds it difficult to get a deal, it’s a good idea to offer a certain amount of down payment. The goal is that the demand for housing prices becomes cheaper, realized. By offering a more down payment, the real estate developer will consider the offer and it will likely be approved.

How to Get Big Discounts When Buying a New Home