Selling a house is not easy. In addition to competitive prices and according to market prices, the condition of the house must also be good and attractive when visited by potential buyers. Meanwhile, the legality of the house must be accounted for. For those of you who want to sell your house, here are some tips to make your house sell quickly:

Property Products

We recommend that in selling property, you don’t do too big a renovation when marketing your property products. The purpose of selling is to make money, while renovations usually reduce profits. Usually the renovations that are carried out don’t need to be too big, but just the house looks worth seeing, like just mowing the grass.

Property Location

When marketing a house, many sellers only market it without providing information about its location. We recommend that when marketing the property, you also market the location by exposing the existing facilities. For example, near the house there is a supermarket, a good school, a good environment.

Competitive Price

Determining competitive prices is not something easy. You can’t easily set a number or equate its price with other nearby properties. You should know the properties in the surrounding area, and then place a competitive price based on the homes that have been sold and the homes that are currently for sale. Real estate agents can help a lot because they have this knowledge. Competitive prices are very important. The reason is, prices below the market will make the seller lose money, while prices above the market make the property difficult to sell.

Letter Legality

The completeness and validity of documents such as the Right to Use and the Right to Build must be checked, and in this case the services of a notary are often used. Both the buyer and the seller must also understand the different functions of the letter. If a property is to be sold and the owner happens to be absent because he has passed away, an inheritance fatwa must be made. If the heirs are more than one, it would be better if the heirs authorize one of them because this will facilitate the transaction process. Sometimes the sales process is hampered because one of the heirs cannot make a quick decision.

Optimal Marketing

Advertising in newspapers or putting up banners is no longer optimal marketing. You must know when and in which medium to advertise. The property sector also has special media that are good for advertising, both conventional and online media. Media like this is effective because it is generally shared with potential buyers who do have the potential to buy. Now online media is starting to become the main choice for marketing property. No less important is the network of professionals in the property sector. Their influence is great, because they have a waiting list of customers who will buy but have not yet found a suitable property.

Payment Procedure

There were several transactions that were supposed to happen, but were eventually canceled due to technical payments. Polemics between sellers and buyers can arise if they do not use good payment techniques. To prevent problems in payment, we recommend using the help of a notary to make a payment processing agreement. If there is a delay in payment, a penalty will be imposed and how much is the penalty.

Important Tips to Sell Your House Fast