To have a home in times like this, is quite difficult. Considering that not all of them can accommodate our desires, such as prices, there are housing or apartments that offer cheap buying prices, but the location is far from the office, and only taken by car and supporting facilities are not as expected, and there are additional costs that make it far away. more expensive than the initial calculations you might expect. For some people, after facing this problem, of course they will choose to rent an apartment. Therefore, owning a residence is the best choice and a very profitable long-term investment, rather than just renting it from another party. There are several things you need to pay attention to when you want to rent an apartment, especially if the apartment is a newly built apartment. The following are some things to consider when renting an apartment:

Make sure the tenant is the direct owner of the apartment

Not infrequently apartments are usually rented out through an agency or property agent that has services for renting out apartments. Of course, when you find your apartment is being rented out by a third party, there will usually be an extra surcharge or additional fees charged as a form of service. This additional cost can be one of the reasons for the swelling of rental prices, which can be avoided if you rent directly from the first person or the owner of the apartment directly. For that, make sure that the person offering the offer is the direct owner by checking the validity of the correspondence they have, or based on information from the manager of the apartment where you will rent.

Make sure the supporting facilities are running normally

As a building built with commercial purposes, usually the apartment will work with several energy providers. Vertical buildings or dwellings must use the services or providers of energy needs, therefore make sure everything runs smoothly. If there are disturbances or problems, at least you know where to report, if the owner of the apartment you are renting cannot be contacted for some reason. This will help you get a continuous supply of energy and be able to comfortably live in the apartment you are renting.

Ensure environmental safety

Security is another thing you need to pay attention to when you want to rent an apartment, especially because you will be in the same environment with people you just met. Make sure you get clear instructions on how the security system in your neighborhood is implemented by apartment owners and managers. And as much as possible, you also need to mingle with other apartment owners, by recognizing who your neighbors are, then you can both keep each other safe around where you live.

Pay attention to your rental agreement

In an apartment rental agreement, there are usually things you should and shouldn’t do. Some parties who rent out apartments will include this because it relates to several things, such as being prohibited from attaching wall decorations without notifying the developer, or keeping animals. Rental agreements also sometimes contain things like a helpline number that you can call in case of an emergency to help resolve your issue without having to ask the landlord for help. Look at the contents carefully and ask clearly each point so as not to harm both parties.

Pay Attention to this When You Want to Rent an Apartment