Each house building has a roof covering using tile. The tile itself is the main part to protect the occupants of the house from the heat of the sun and rain. Now there are various kinds of tile materials that are often used. However, maybe some people are not familiar with the types of concrete roof tiles. The following are some of the advantages of concrete roof tiles as a roof covering:

Can reflect heat during the day

In building a house, some people use a superstructure or roof with concrete tiles. Excess concrete tile itself plays an important role as a house protector against extreme hot weather changes. The use of concrete roof tiles has heat-reflecting properties and is resistant to temperature changes. As a result, the room temperature in your home will feel cooler during the day.

The use is stronger and durable

When compared with other roof-based tiles, it turns out that the durability of concrete tiles is somewhat stronger. This is because concrete roof tiles have a high level of environmental efficiency and lack of response to external negative factors. Even concrete roof tiles are also able to withstand heavy loads and are not easily cracked. So do not be surprised if the durability of concrete tiles can last a long time.

Has a variety of shapes

The next advantage of concrete roof tiles is that they have a variety of shapes, namely wavy and flat. You can adapt the use of tiles to the style of your home. If you want a tile that gives a more modern and elegant impression, you should choose flat concrete. Meanwhile, to make it look natural and strong, you can use corrugated concrete.

There are various color choices

In addition to having a variety of shapes, concrete roof tiles also have an unlimited choice of tile colors. Of course, it makes it easy for you to adapt it to various kinds of house facades. Concrete tiles also come in various color variants. You can match the color of the concrete tile itself with the paint color of the house. If your house tends to be pale yellow, you can use brown or green concrete tiles.

Has precise shape

It turns out that the manufacture of concrete tiles does not go through the combustion process, so the shape is not easy to change. Even concrete tiles also tend to have precise shape. Of course in terms of installation, this will facilitate the process. In addition, the installation of a tighter grout on the concrete tile can also prevent leakage.

The Advantages of Concrete Tile as a Roof Cover