Property business is the activity of buying and selling or renting property for profit. The property sector business promises a lot of profit. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the property business is experiencing difficulties. The purchasing power of some people has decreased so that property is not a top priority. However, this does not mean that the sector cannot recover as before. The property business still has the opportunity to provide benefits if you make a number of adjustments. The following are tips for a successful property rental business during the pandemic:

Recognize Consumer Needs

Before buying and selling or renting out property in the midst of a pandemic, do some research on your potential customers. Starting from the type of property they need, the facilities in the house or boarding area they are interested in, to the location they like. You can also group consumers based on research results. Millennial consumers with single status choose to rent or buy studio apartments in the middle of the city, while young families prefer simple houses at affordable prices on the outskirts of the city. That way, you can also hunt for land or property according to the needs of the type of consumer and then market it to them. In addition, do research on the obstacles faced by each type of consumer. The goal is that you can help them solve property related problems.

Be quick to take chances

In the midst of a pandemic, not a few people are selling houses or apartments at below market prices because they need money quickly. If you plan to do business buying and selling secondary property, aka property that has changed hands from the first owner to someone else, then this is your chance to make a profit. After buying a property at a low price, you can also resell it to third parties at a higher price. However, before deciding to buy, first consider the less and more of the property. Don’t just be tempted by cheap prices, but it turns out that later this property will be difficult to resell.

Switch to Digital

In the midst of a pandemic the opportunity to meet face to face is indeed limited. Therefore, you must take advantage of digital platforms to market properties. Make sure you have a website or social media account. You can also upload videos containing sample units on the website or social media so that potential buyers do not have to come directly to the location. Provide a complete listing description so that consumers can get a clear picture of the condition of the property. Don’t forget to include your contact number so they can contact you directly for more detailed questions.


Buying a property involves a lot of money and one’s future. So it is not surprising that consumers will have a number of questions before deciding to buy. Therefore, you as a property business must provide a fast response if a customer calls. If they can’t meet you in person. If you are easy to contact and responsive, then their trust in you also increases. That way, they will be more confident to buy property from you.

Apply security when face to face

Although it is recommended to maximize the online platform for communicating, there are times when consumers have to come to your office, for example to sign contracts or view units. For this reason, you must also implement maximum COVID-19 prevention measures so that consumers and you are both safe. This can be in the form of the obligation to wear masks for all people present in the office to providing hand sanitizer.

Tips for a Successful Property Rental Business During a Pandemic