Apartments are now one of the best alternatives for the young urban generation who want to have a home but have a limited budget. Apartments are also one of the most sought-after property investment instruments. This is because generally these vertical residences are built in strategic locations and have complete facilities so that they can cut overhead costs such as transportation costs, public facilities costs and so on. However, it is not uncommon for beginners to choose the wrong apartment either because the specifications are not good or because of other problems. As with all types of investment, there are advantages and disadvantages to buying an apartment that must be taken into account. Here are some tips on buying an apartment so you don’t experience a loss:

Choose an Apartment from a Trusted Developer

Choose an apartment from a trusted developer. You can choose your own developer to prevent you from rogue developers who can take your money away. In addition, choosing an apartment from a trusted developer can also bring a guarantee of service quality, for example, a faster certificate transfer process, a more regular and credible maintenance process and so on.

Buy a used apartment

In addition to directly buying new buildings through developers, you can also buy apartments from previous residents. In fact, it is possible that the price is cheaper than a new apartment with the same facilities. However, the downside of buying a used apartment is that you have to buy it from a trusted person. Make sure the certificate of ownership of the apartment is clear before you buy it. If you find out about this apartment for sale from online information, try before you officially buy it, check it out first.

Determine the Budget

Budget is one of the important things that must be considered before buying any type of residence. Because this budget is often also related to facilities, location and so on. In setting the budget for renting an apartment, make sure the rental price is not part of your total income. Likewise, if you decide to buy it, try the amount of installments and interest that is not more than your income.

Online Research

With the development of technology as it is today, you can now research prices, facilities and apartment locations online through the marketplace for buying and selling houses and apartments. The method is quite easy, provide enough time to collect data that fits your budget or criteria. When you find an apartment with a suitable price and facilities, you can contact the apartment owner directly or the property agent.

Apartment Survey

Many beginners regret buying an apartment because of things that cannot be measured, such as the level of friendliness of neighbors, tastes, the condition of the apartment’s cleanliness or even ghosts. Therefore, before buying an apartment, you must survey the location of the apartment directly. Compare several quality and quantity factors from several apartments that you survey. Quality factors such as the quality of cleanliness, rooms, your comfort aspect, the distance from the location to public facilities and workplaces.

Set Priority

After you do online research and direct surveys, there may be dozens or dozens of apartment lists that are included in your list and you are still confused about which one is the best. One thing you can do is set priorities first. Decide which is more important to you, whether location, price or facilities. This is because these factors are usually related to each other.

Select Payment Options

If you have determined which apartment is suitable, you can discuss the payment method. You can pay in cash or use the facilities from the bank. If you use this method, make sure the interest costs and installments do not affect your monthly finances.

Tips for Buying an Apartment So You Don’t Lose